Sustainable coffee

In a hospitality business, your guests will come from all over the world. Guests are increasingly aware of the footprint they leave behind on the world we inhabit. That’s why they attach an increasing degree of importance to the consumption of sustainable products. We believe that coffee should make everyone happier: from production to preparation. That’s why we monitor the sustainable and honest creation of our quality products. For example, we can proudly report that our Gran Gusto has been 100% Rainforest certified since 2016, and we’ve gone a step further with our Fingerprinted coffee.

Fingerprinted Coffee is the most sustainable coffee from Hesselink. It’s the quality coffee you’re used to from Hesselink, but with more yield for the producer. This means you serve coffee that makes everyone feel good. The Fingerprinted features a Max Havelaar Fair Trade certification and an organic SKAL certification.


Get to know our products. Hesselink Koffie offers professionals the chance to try a selection of our coffee blends, tea and coffee-related products, free of charge.

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Our sustainable coffee

With our coffee, you are caring for people and the environment.

Coffee capsules at the office

The best coffee in special coffee capsules provides the highest quality for your business COFFEE CAPSULES AT THE OFFICE If there’s one thing that cannot be missed at work it’s coffee. Coffee doesn’t just increase productivity, it also improves team spirit! The average worker drinks three cups of coffee during a working day. With the […]

BEKIJK DE Coffee capsules at the office

Kenya AA

Kenya AA: A wonderful speciality coffee. A nice rich blend with a full body and light acidity.


Java Makasar

The Java Makassar: full-bodied coffee with a flamboyant aroma.

BEKIJK DE Java Makasar

Ethiopia Sidamo

The beans used for this single origin originate from Ethiopia. Characteristic blend with flowery tones.

BEKIJK DE Ethiopia Sidamo

Colombia Excelso

In the Colombia Excelso, you can taste light tones of almonds and vanilla.

BEKIJK DE Colombia Excelso

Guatemala Antigua Panchoy

This single origin blend is a slightly spicy coffee with a full body.

BEKIJK DE Guatemala Antigua Panchoy


The single origins Santos is a coffee with a region-specific character.


Fingerprinted Serious Brew

The Serious Brew blend has tones of slightly sweet dried fruit and caramel.

BEKIJK DE Fingerprinted Serious Brew

Fingerprinted Serious Ground

The Hesselink filter coffee consists of 100% certified coffee made from top Arabica beans.

BEKIJK DE Fingerprinted Serious Ground

Excellent Brew

Our Excellent Brew is a delicious blend, and suitable for fresh brew equipment.

BEKIJK DE Excellent Brew

Dessert fast filter

The blend of the dessert quick filter served as the inspiration for our other blends 130 years ago.

BEKIJK DE Dessert fast filter

Nevado del Ruiz

Nevado del Ruiz. An aromatic, full-bodied coffee with a rich taste and aroma.

BEKIJK DE Nevado del Ruiz

Nevado Del Huila

Nevado del Huila coffee is known for its full smooth body, with tones of nuts and dark chocolate.

BEKIJK DE Nevado Del Huila

Fingerprinted Serious Dark

An aromatic full-bodied coffee with a light caramel flavour and subtle tones of roasted almond.

BEKIJK DE Fingerprinted Serious Dark

Fingerprinted Serious Original

The blend has a full-bodied taste to start with, followed by a mild and slightly sweet aftertaste.

BEKIJK DE Fingerprinted Serious Original

Fingerprinted Serious Basic

The blend is composed of Arabica with a pinch of Robusta and guarantees a nice solid crema.

BEKIJK DE Fingerprinted Serious Basic

Gran Gusto Decaf

Our decaf coffee beans are comparable to the Gran Gusto Strong, but without the caffeine.

BEKIJK DE Gran Gusto Decaf

Gran Gusto Xtreme

A powerful espresso with a diversity of tones and flavours. A characteristic coffee.

BEKIJK DE Gran Gusto Xtreme

Gran Gusto Strong

Our Gran Gusto Strong coffee beans contain tones of hazelnut and toasted bread.

BEKIJK DE Gran Gusto Strong

Gran Gusto Mild

De Gran Gusto Mild koffiebonen zijn zacht van smaak met een rijk aroma van o.a. amandel.

BEKIJK DE Gran Gusto Mild

Gran Gusto Regular

Gran Gusto Regular is a balanced blend of Arabica with a pinch of Robusta.

BEKIJK DE Gran Gusto Regular

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