A fully capable coffeemachine for professionals requiring small to medium sized capacity

WMF 1500 S Coffee Machine

WMF Coffee Machines are the perfect coffee machines for hospitality businesses and corporate offices. The machines are easy to use and in the blink of an eye you can serve yourself or your guests a delicious cup of coffee. The WMF 1500S coffee machine is a perfect example of a high quality machine.

WMF 1500 S – a coffee machine for professional use

The WMF1500 S Classic is a fully automatic speciality coffee machine and perfectly designed for the average need. Eight different Classic models with special fitting makes it possible to produce variants of coffee classics to coffee specialities with milk foam. Each WMF1400 Classic features a touch display, automatic cleaning program, beverage registration, hot water dispenser, dry discharge and LED lighting. Available with 4.5 liter flexible water tank or fixed water connection – the WMF1400 Classic is not interior to its big sisters in terms of quality and comfort!

WMF 1500s KM DE01
Steam Jet / Cup heater

The WMF SteamJet heats up cups

With the WMFSteamJet every cup will be at the required temperature within seconds! In this heated cup, your Cafe Creme or Espresso keeps longer its warmth.

WMF 1500s KM DE04

The WMF 1500 S MMI-Touch Display

With its revolutionary “Man Machine Interface” Touch Display, the WMF1500S makes everything quick to understand and easy to use. For guests in self-service it is incredibly easy to create a perfect coffee quality!

WMF 1500s KM DE05
Illuminated Panels

Illuminated panels with signal function

The attractive, illuminated side panels of the WMF1500S suit every ambience and serve as a visual signaller. The blinking of the side panels in a signal colour would, for instance, advertise the empty bean hopper.

WMF 1500s KM DE11
Programmable Drink Selection

Programmable drink selections

With 8 beverage buttons on 6 levels you can program a total of 48 beverages. You can also store your own coffee recipes and images.

WMF 1500s KM DE10
Manual Service

Self-service as simply as never before

In just a few, small steps the WMF1500S becomes a real self-service specialist: alternate between single and double spout, and choose the choose the single-line display format in the display – done!


If you would like to get more information on the WMF Coffee machine for your office or hospitality business  and would like to request a non-binding consult, please contact us via the contact form or call our office: +31(0)543-512-416.



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