The roasting process

The roasting process of the coffee is the most decisive for the final taste. A great deal of residual heat is released during the burning process. By using modern equipment and new techniques, the roasting process of the coffee can be done in a very efficient manner. The burning process at Hesselink Coffee is fully automated and runs according to the latest technology. This contributes to the fact that Hesselink Coffee uses up to 95% less water in the coffee production process.

The distillery is equipped with high-quality insulation, is illuminated by LED lighting and is equipped with a Heat Recovery System that makes use of the residual heat that is released during the burning process. This heat often goes out through the chimney, but Hesselink Coffee reuses it to heat the premises. They also generate green energy themselves through 390 solar panels on our roof.


We use gas as an energy source to burn our coffee. We purchase this gas sustainably: the CO2 emissions that we cause with this are compensated.

In addition, we need electrical energy during our entire production process. We are proud of the fact that we generate our own electricity with 390 solar panels on the roof of our roasting house. These solar panels account for around 80,000 kWh per year, of which we deliver 20% back to the grid. This will further reduce our CO2 footprint. Additionally, If we happen to require a little extra energy on a particularly intense word day, we source this extra energy from only sustainable sources.


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