The Coffee Bag

In order to keep the coffee fresh, it is packaged immediately after burning in 100% aluminium-free packaging, which ensures that the environment is less burdened. Our packaging is fully recyclable and manufactured with plastic film, consisting of 13% polyester and 87% polyethene. Due to the high calorific value, the same amount of energy is released during the final incineration of the packaging as during the production of the packaging. In this way, Hesselink Coffee gives energy back to the earth.

In 2017, Hesselink Coffee switched to 100% metal-free packaging. This resulted in a saving of 4.2% less CO2 emissions. In addition, Hesselink Coffee keeps a close eye on developments in fully recyclable packaging. Hesselink Coffee aims to switch to 100% biodegradable packaging in 2019/2020, which are currently being tested


Hesselink Coffee has chosen to deliver the coffee as efficiently as possible: once a month with a full truck instead of every two weeks. Delivery vehicles therefore have to drive less frequently, fuel is saved and the CO2 content is reduced. In 2016, 26 transports took place with 14300 kg of CO2 emissions. In 2017, 13 transports took place with 7150 kg of CO2 emissions. A saving of 50%.

Hesselink Coffee also saves on paper consumption with a digital ordering system which automatically transfers all orders from the website to our sales department.

In the future, we want to develop further in the area of ​​transport by critically examining the fuel type and the use of delivery vans.


All waste is offered completely separately (bio, foil, paper and scrap).

Hesselink Coffee does not only oversee the environmentally friendly collection of own waste. The family business also helps their customers with sustainable waste processing. The packaging of our coffee can be collected for the Plastic Hero collection program.

Plastic Heroes calls attention to the separate collection of plastic packaging waste. The used plastic packaging is recycled. The raw material that produces this, again serves to make new products.

Hesselink Coffee works together with Excelsior, a local music association in Winterswijk, for the recycling of paper and cardboard. Excelsior collects the paper and cardboard for a small fee. The proceeds of this are entirely for the benefit of the musical youth.


Hesselink Coffee also wants to reduce its CO2 footprint in the area of ​​housing. We have equipped our business premises with leading environmental management systems and we strive to be a paperless office. For example, we use digital invoicing.

The business premises of Hesselink Coffee are equipped with high-quality insulation, are illuminated by LED lighting and are equipped with a Heat Recovery System that makes use of the residual heat that is released during the burning process. We also generate green energy ourselves through 390 solar panels on our roof.


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