We have taken numerous measures to advance sustainability within our coffee supply chain.


All activities carried out by Hesselink Koffie are based on the triple-P approach, concerning economic achievements (profit), with respect for the social aspect (people), within ecologic guidelines (planet).

Hesselink buys its coffee from importers and traders that are alligned with the Global Compact. This is an international network of businesses that follow the same guidelines on human rights, labor conditions and environment. The network operates under the flag of the United Nations.

For the distribution of our coffee we collaborate with distributor Seabridge. Seabridge operates CO2 neutral. The company is a ‘Green Building’ certificate holder, given out by the European Commission, due to the use of a special waste control system.

Seabridge is a logistic center and distribution platform for ‘green’ coffee. Seabridge has a storage ability for 450.000 bags of coffee in a 20.000m2 warehouse. At Seabridge everything is based on sustainability, green energy, modern technology for automatic admissions, sampling, classification, drying, mixing, debagging and storage of green coffee. A constant temperature and air humidity ensure that the raw coffee stays in its optimal condition. Everything is carried out CO2 neutral due to the green energy that is generated by a photovoltaic panels.

The distribution per track goes directly to Seabridge, therefore we can replace trucks by trains. By enhancing collaboration in this way, we are able to intergrate sustainability further into our supply chain.

Hesselink Koffie has its coffee delivered in Big Bags, consisting out of a 1000 kg of coffee. This is more efficient in terms of transport and handling than the traditional  jute bags. After transportation the bags are recycled.


It goes without saying, great coffee has to be served in a set of high quality cups and saucers. Fingerprinted also sells hot cups for coffee to go and single use. Fingerprinted has a broad variety of assorted cups and saucers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to require for our rental conditions.


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