Applying modern techniques to produce, roast and deliver coffee as sustainable as possible

What makes Hesselink Koffie Sustainable?

Sustainability means more to Hesselink Koffie than sustainable coffee alone. Ecofys, a Dutch sustainability company for sustainable energy has done some interesting research on this topic. This research shows that the carbon footprint left behind by coffee is built up out of 14% from the fields, 6% by transportation, 12% from production and finally 68% by the consumer.

We can influence the first three aspects by making sure our organization operates in the most sustainable way possible. To set out how we do this, we have designed ‘Hesselink’s Sustainability Grid’. This grid shows you how our processes are managed.

Hesselink Koffie is sustainable CO2 neutral coffee, in every sense of the word. You will find that our roastery generates its own green energy. Also, our Grid includes the cooperation between Hesselink Koffie and the Efico Foundation; after a waterproject we now support an solar panel project.


  • Purchase

    Hesselink buys its coffee from traders whom are affiliated with the Global Compact. This is an international network of companies who have drawn up guidelines concerning human rights, labor conditions and environment. The network operates under the flag of the UN.

  • Biodiversity

    Rainforest Alliance works on the preservation of biodiversity and sustainable security for planet, people and profit.

  • Distribution

    Distributor Seabridge works CO2-neutral. The company holds the certificate ‘Green Building’of the European Commission, thanks to the unique controlsystem and waste management.

  • Support

    The Fingerprinted coffee concept represents the certified Rainforest coffee with the Efico Foundation logo. This foundation provides the opportunity to support sustainability projects in the coffee producing countries.

  • Delivery

    The roasting process is carried out in the most efficient way possible with the newest equipment. By this no energy is lost and all environmental regulations are honored.


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