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Bradley’s Fair Trade & Organic tea

Quality, choice and presentation

Wrapped in a shiney foil, to preserve the quality and taste, Bradley is a steady partner in the out-of-home market. A tea which is highly valued by the fans of tea. This delicious tea can be ordered in 20 different flavors, of which the fruit flavors are enriched with small chunks of real fruit.

Max Havelaar is the independent quality label for Fairtrade. This quality label can only be used on products which meet the strict international criteria for fairtrade. These criteria focus on working conditions and fair compensation for coffee farmers.

The Max Havelaar foundation supervises the entire production chain: from farmer to consumer. Farmers, workers, entrepreneurs and consumers each play their own role in this chain. Together they create the chances for sustainable production in third world countries and the export process to Western countries. Bradley’s tea is fairtrade certified. A delicious tea for a fair price. Choosing Bradley’s tea, you contribute to creating better conditions for farmers, workers and their families who work in tea production.

Skal is an organization involved with the Dutch organic agriculture. Bradley’s tea has also been granted with the Skal quality label, which ensures that the tea leaves where not touched by pesticides and are grown under strictly natural conditions.

English blend tea

A tea mélange from the Chinese tea garden Dazhangshan and the Indian tea garden Korahkundah. The tea is known for its a powerful taste. An absolute classic to those who drink tea for its refreshing effect. This tea can be drank all day long.

Earl Grey

An originally black tea, which was enhanced by the bergamot lime fruit. This gives the tea a light fragranced, fresh taste. A tea which is mostly drank in the late afternoon and evening.


The perfect tea to calm down after a day full of stress. Rooibos is known for its calming effect. A delicious tea from South Africa which has a natural sweet taste to it.

Green tea

This tea is non fermented and therefore holds its natural character and taste. By adding a slice of lemon the tea gets milder and the fresh taste is enhanced. Green tea is known for its highly effective antioxidants. In Asia people drink this tea throughout the day.

Raspberry tea

The aroma of several different raspberry’s has been added to this black tea mélange, resulting in its scenting aroma and semi-sweet taste. This tea is primarily drank in the afternoon.

Lemon tea

By adding the natural lemon aroma, this tea gets a delicious fresh taste. A real refreshment with a profound aromatic bouquet of lemon. We highly recommend this tea when its warm out.

Bradley's Fairtrade
Bradley's Tea


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