Coffee Types determines the overall flavor and aroma of the coffee, choose your own blend

Hand-Roasted Coffee

Every venue has its own unique mood. We understand that you want to serve your guests with a mood that suits your venue. That is why Hesselink Koffie provides you with different coffee types. Our buying process is targeted to select only the finest Arabica’s. The coffee beans are transported to our blending silo, where the different blends are produced.

The coffeebeans are then roasted in a drumroaster. During this part of the process the coffee is granted the time it needs to develop it optimal flavor, color and aroma. Roasting is a crucial fase in the process of coffee production: if the coffee blends are too light or too dark, it will weaken the taste and aroma. During the roasting we leave the coffee with the time it needs to develop its finest aroma.

Because the produced coffee is only kept in stock for a few days, we can guarantee you the taste of fresh brew coffee at all times. This is the quality that Hesselink Koffie is known for.

You can order the following types of coffee for your hospitality business:

Hesselink Koffie Zakelijk


For over 130 years Hesselink Koffie has provided hospitality venues and corporate businesses with coffee. Not only do we sell coffee, we also have a large number of coffee machines assorted.

Koffie Barista

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