WMF Coffee Machines stand for German ingenuity, quality and precision in its most pristine form

WMF Coffee machines

Hospitality businesses depend on the quality they offer and good coffee is an absolute must. WMF Coffee machines represent the German reliance and quality in optima coffee. WMF is a respected brand and has a reputation for being inventive for over 150 years in the hospitality business. With a WMF coffee machine your guests can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and the machine is very user friendly for your staff.

Hesselink offers the following WMF machines:

WMF Espresso

Perfection? At the push of a button!

Introducing the new WMF Espresso. A new and outstanding coffee machine featuring options and capabilities which will improve the way you create those joyful moments for your customers. As one of the first resellers, Hesselink Koffie has best option for the professional coffee barista available.

WMF Machines
WMF Espresso

WMF 8000

Pure innovation power

Unlike any other before it, the WMF 8000 S – WMF‘s new premium model – combines quality, perfection and innovation with unbelievably good coffee. Its design has already won the coveted iF Design Award. With its revolutionary “Man Machine Interface“, it guarantees that all functions are simple to understand and to use in an instant. When it comes to performance, the WMF 8000 S is yet again a trend-setter.

From pressing your selection on the display to the perfect coffee – the timing of numerous processes has been hugely improved. When it comes to equipment for milk and steamed drinks, the WMF 8000 stands head and shoulders above the competition in terms of the range on offer. The Active Milk version even allows the fully automated preparation of hot and cold milk and foamed milk drinks.

WMF 8000

WMF 1500S

Revolutionary modern and compact

Based on the NEW GENERATION-Platform, the WMF1500S is the successor of our top-seller coffee machine – the WMFpresto! The previous variations have convinced our customers through price performance, slim design and excellent coffee quality.  As the subsequent model, the WMF1500S includes all of the great qualities of our previous models and improves upon them in many areas. The new design and the black touch screen immediately catch the eye.

The optional EASY MILK-System for hot milk, hot milk foam and also cold milk, opens up entirely new opportunities. With rock-solid workmanship and high-quality components, the WMF1500S ensure that your guests can be spoiled with high-quality coffee, day after day and well into the future.

WMF 1500S

WMF Bistro

For the demanding professional

Experience the comfort of the perfect cappuccino or any other coffee speciality, all with the push of one button. Effortlessly create a chociatto with the integrated cocoa setting. Even more quality, even more design, even more options, steam power, milk power, integrated chocolate and the new Plug & Clean!

WMF Bistro

WMF 1400 Classic

Fully automatic and compact

The WMF1400 Classic is a fully automatic speciality coffee machine and perfectly designed for the average need. Eight different Classic models with special fitting makes it possible to produce variants of coffee classics to coffee specialities with milk foam. Each WMF1400 Classic features a touch display, automatic cleaning program, beverage registration, hot water dispenser, dry discharge and LED lighting. Available with 4.5 liter flexible water tank or fixed water connection – the WMF1400 Classic is not inferior to its big sisters in terms of quality and comfort! The coffee machine demonstrated the fact that it also looks good at one of the world’s largest design competitions.

WMF 1400

WMF 1200 S

Dark beauty with impressive, internal values

The WMF 1200 S is a high quality professional coffee machine for small to medium use. It can do anything your heart desires – from Espresso and Café Crème to Cappuccino, Café Latte, Latte Macchiato and even Milk Choc and Chociatto. At the push of a button, reliably and of top quality. The WMF 1200 S is also entirely made in Germany from high quality materials. Every single machine is tested inside and out before delivery by experts. The self-explanatory display makes the path to your perfect coffee enjoyment child’s play.

WMF 1200S


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