Piece by piece hand built and rigorously tested

Kees van der Westen Coffee Machines

Kees van der Westen has been producing cutting edge Espresso Machines for over 10 years from his location near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Designer of many iconic machines, Kees has channelled all of his accumulated experience into the Mirage range, and now the new Spirit multi-boiler masterpiece.

Handbuilt Coffee Machines

The vast advantages of Kees machines are conferred through exceptional thermal stability and radically beautiful industrial design. Few things add more presence to a cafe than a handcrafted sculpture in metal and glass, which has the leading technology and no-compromise build quality required to produce rich, powerful espresso all day under the busiest conditions.

Mirage Classic

Features coffee machine

  • The premier Barista coffee machine
  • Adjustable pre-infusion
  • Large boiler
  • Available in 2- and 3-group options
  • Manual operation (foot pedal optional)
  • Plenty of work space
  • Hot water pre-sets and manual control
Kees van der Westen Mirage Classics
Mirage Classic

Mirage Veloce

Features coffee machine

  • “Veloce” is Italian for fast, rapid, speedy, quick
  • Engine Turned stainless steel body plating for a standout industrial look.
  • External pump
  • Two steam pipes and 2 seperate groups
  • Special tea water dispenser
  • Cup heater
  • Additional 10 ltr boiler
Kees van der Westen Mirage Veloce
Mirage Veloce


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