We are proud to be one of the few selected dealers for Animo Coffee Machines

Animo Coffee machines

Over at Hesselink Coffee we are very proud to be an official dealer of the Animo coffee machines. Hesselink Koffie’s knowledge of coffee and Animo’s knowledge of coffee brewing, you are assured to get the best cup of fresh brew. This makes Animo the perfect machine for hospitality businesses.

We have several different kinds of Animo Coffee machines assorted:

Animo OptiBean serie

Features coffee machine

  • double outlet: for the real espresso experience
  • separate hot and/or cold water outlet: for a pure cup of tea
  • adjustable drip tray
  • also suitable for thermos jugs and tall latte macchiato glasses
  • easy-to-fill bean and instant canisters
  • bean canister that looks full until shortly before refill
  • key switch for filling thermos jugs
  • large waste compartment for coffee residue
  • full waste compartment and drip tray indication
Animo Optibean
Animo Optibean

Animo OptiFresh serie

Features coffee machine

  • Every cup made with fresh brewed coffee
  • Suitable for cups and jugs (1.5 litre)
  • A wide variety of drinks
  • The right machine for every need
  • Plug and play
  • Simple to operate
  • Cleaning program
  • Consumption registration
  • Descale indicator
  • Dry-boil protection
  • Stainless steel housing and boiler
  • Permanent filter
Animo Optifresh
Animo OptiFresh

Animo Round Filter Appliance

Features coffee machine

  • Ideal for serving large quantities of coffee in a short time.
  • With or without a separate water boiler in the unit
  • Removable, double-walled containers
  • 5, 10, 20 or litre containers
  • smart features that further enhance their ease of use
Animo Rondfilter
Animo Round Filter Appliance

Animo M-Line serie

The Animo M-line is a very complete serie of brewing equipment, based on a much-praised contemporary design. There is an M-line for every kitchen, breakfast room, bar or canteen.

Animo equipment is very simple to operate. Smart options lead to a hassle-free, tasty result. This makes it fun for you to be the host.

Features coffee machine

  • Jug detector: the brewing process starts and stops automatically when the jug is taken away or put back at its place.
  • Leak stop option: prevents the filter from dripping.
  • Coffee-ready signal: an audio alert indicates when the coffee is ready to pour.
  • Touch control for optimal user convenience
  • Dry-boil protection that can be reset externally.
Animo M-Line Series
Animo M-Line Series


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