The Hesselink Barista course will teach you and your staff how to create the finest quality coffee for hospitality


Barista courses

Preparing an excellent cup of coffee can be like creating a true work of art. The coffee from our brewery helps you to achieve the level of perfection that you are aiming for, but it also takes knowhow and expertise to serve your guests the perfect cup of coffee. We gladly help you obtain this knowledge. Clients and relations of Hesselink Koffie can sign up for a Barista Course at our Coffee Coaching Center. This training is given by our certified barista team (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe level 2-certified).

The barista course of Hesselink Koffie:

  • Duration: circa 3 hours
  • For all users of Hesselink Koffie
  • Location: Coffee Coaching Center in Winterswijk or Amsterdam
  • Maximum of 6 attendees


Programm Barista Course

The Barista Course focusses on the basics of the barista profession. During this course you get a short introduction of our coffee and its background.

In our Coffee Coaching Center we teach you more about operating our professional coffee machines, so you will become perfectly savvy in preparing the perfect cup of coffee, espresso and cappuccino. An important part of the barista course is of course the milk frothing  for cappuccino’s. Our barista team will teach you all the skills you need to serve your guests a perfect version of this popular drink.

To guarantee the future quality of your coffee, cleaning your coffee machine properly is very important. We will provide you with all the instructions you need to clean the machine in the most effective way possible. Our barista team will guide you through the entire course. Once you have successfully accomplished the full course, you will receive your own barista certificate.

Follow our Barista and accountmanager Tom ten Dolle on Twitter: @BaristaTom

If you would like to request for information on the Barista Course for your staff, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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