Flexible offices and Hesselink Koffie

WeWork Amsterdam

WeWork offers flexible office solutions, located in the city center of Amsterdam. This inspiring environment will help to get your work done, but premium coffee is essential for achieving goals!

Ambitious entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small businesses can rent (shared) workspaces at two locations. WeWork offers a corporate environment with a unique company culture. This way WeWork provides offices for those who want to work in a community, where they can get inspired by the creative atmosphere, but also have the best circumstances to deliver their best performances!

That is why Hesselink Koffie provided unique coffee to the locations in Amsterdam, so everyone at every floor stays focused, while enjoying the magnificent taste of our eco-friendly coffee. WeWork takes good care of her guests by offering Hesselink Koffie as well as tea, fruitwater and even free beer! The fully furnished workspaces maintain the privacy you need, while the common spaces have an inspiring atmosphere.

We want to thank Service Partner One and WeWork for our longterm collaboration. The flexible offices combined with our coffee will inspire the WeWork community in Amsterdam!

wework2    wework-amsterdam

wework3    WeWork Amsterdam


Also want to serve Hesselink Koffie in your organisation?

Are you curious about the quality of our coffeebeans for the hospitality industry? We offer professionals the opportunity to try out a free kilogram of coffee from our own coffee roastery. Try it for yourself!

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