Coffee at work with the finest high quality coffee machines in the industry

Coffee at Work

Hesselink Koffie Systems: appliances of high-end quality

We set the same high standards to our coffee machines as we do to our top notch quality coffee. At Hesselink Koffie we only have the best brands coffee machines in our product range, which we offer at the best purchase and lease prices. Which coffee machine is best suited for you, depends on a number of factors. We would gladly like to advise you which type of coffee machine is best suited to your business.

The Hesselink Officeconcept

Hesselink Koffie is the solution to end annoying remarks about the quality of the coffee in your business once and for all. We will show you that employees and your business relationships come first for you. We will make sure that the ‘buzz’ in your office will increase making it possible for you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at work!

We have the solution

We like to think with you, because with a lot of suppliers it becomes hard to make a right choice. Which is why we have developed a few ready-made coffee concepts for you. With the machine from the Hesselink Coffee Concept you will deliver the finest coffee variations with the push of a button. We also offer you the comfort to lease a coffee machine from us for a fixed price a month. Or you simply pay a fixed amount per cup of coffee. All inclusive (including maintenance & service) for €0,19 per cup. Starting from 15 persons.

Try Out Machine

Of course you would like to know what kind of coffee you will get in those cups, which is why we offer you a coffee machine for free for a week! Easy and simply to arrange, call now +31 (0) 543 – 512 416 or click below button for the Try Out Concept and we can explain the terms in further detail.

Special Coffee at Work
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