Quality is one of the most important prerequisite for the roasting and grinding of filter coffee

Filter coffee for businesses

If you are looking for coffee types suitable for businesses, Hesselink Koffie is the right address. In addition to espresso coffee, sustainable coffee and specialties we also offer filter coffee. The grinded filter coffee has been selected with care and craftsmanship in our own coffee roastery.

First class filter coffee

Quality is one of the most important aspects during the roasting and grinding process of filter coffee. We spend a lot of time and effort on the production of our broad range of grinded coffee mélanges. All of our coffees are first class quality and roasted according to our own unique easy roast method. After grinding the coffee is vacuum packed in special packaging that is developed to sustain as much as the aroma possible.

Filter coffee

Excellent Filter

  • Roast: Middle
  • Blend: Arabica & robusta
  • Aroma: strong spicy blend, strong aftertaste

Dessert Filter

  • Roast: Middle
  • Blend:Arabica & robusta
  • Aroma: soft and aromatic, mild aftertaste

Exquise Filter

  • Roast: Dark
  • Blend: Arabica & robusta
  • Aroma:  strong and aromatic, spicy but mild aftertaste

Certified filter coffee

Fair Trade snelfilter

  • Roast: Middle
  • Blend: Arabica & robusta, Fair Trade certified
  • Aroma: Powerful, spicy, full aftertaste

Serious Ground

  • Roast: Middle
  • Blend: Arabica & robusta, Rainforest certified
  • Aroma: powerful, spicy blend,  strong aftertaste

Try Hesselink Koffie yourself?

If you would like to experience firsthand what difference Hesselink Koffie could make to your guests, why don’t you try it for yourself first? We offer business owners the possibility to order a free kilo of Hesselink Koffie.

We believe there is no better way to judge the unique experience we can offer your guests other than to try it yourself. Are you a professional who would like to order a free kilo of Hesselink Koffie?

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