Coffee machines of the finest quality for the workplace in any corporate setting

Coffee for corporate businesses

If there is one thing every office needs, its coffee. The average employee drinks approximately 3 cups of coffee a day. Coffee does not only improve productivity, it also increases your team spirit! Coffee breaks are the moments that you  spend together after all. It’s the time of the day when collegues share their successes but most of all stories from their personal lives that cause for happiness.

With Hesselink Koffie you create the optimal working environment for your employees. It’s a small investement for your company that comes with a great return. Your corporate culture will increase in its positivity and your employees will work more effective. Nothing but advantages!

Optimal work environment with Hesselink Koffie

At Hesselink Koffie we are experts when it comes to coffee at offices. You can order a large number of different coffee types straight from our own brewery. We also have professional coffee machines assorted; a specific type for every specific business. We would be glad to offer you our expertise on coffee concepts, to create a coffee concept that will fit your office.

Hesselink Koffie: Quality coffee at work!

Try Hesselink Koffie yourself?

If you would like to experience firsthand what difference Hesselink Koffie could make to your guests, why don’t you try it for yourself first? We offer business owners the possibility to order a free kilo of Hesselink Koffie.

We believe there is no better way to judge the unique experience we can offer your guests other than to try it yourself. Are you a professional who would like to order a free kilo of Hesselink Koffie?


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