The OptiFresh coffee machine from Animo is an exquisite Fresh Brew machine that brews a delicious cup of fresh coffee

Animo Optifresh Coffee Machine

The OptiFresh is a vending machine in the wide range of Animo coffee equipment. The OptiFresh is a Fresh Brew machine that makes a delicious cup of fresh brewed coffee at the touch of a button. The machine is easy to operate and has a stylish design.

Animo Opti Series

Its simple lines and high-quality materials make the OptiFresh fit into every work environment. In offices, shops, showrooms or meeting rooms, the OptiFresh performs at every location. The machine meets the highest coffee standards and combines outstanding results and excellent value for money. Ideal for companies who are looking for great taste and ease of use and are also keeping an eye on costs.

Animo Optifresh Variety Coffee Machine

Coffee varieties are more popular than ever. In addition to ‘regular’ coffee, the OptiFresh also offers a wide range of coffee varieties. The OptiFresh can quickly serve up a delicious, a cappuccino and also Wiener Melange or coffee chocolate. It can quickly and easily make many different kinds of hot drinks.

With one touch of a button, you choose the best coffee specialty, hot chocolate or hot water, for which the OptiFresh has a separate outlet. In addition to cups of coffee, it can also make 1.5 litre jugs of coffee. This option is standard, simply by turning a key switch.

Animo Optifresh Coffee Machine: Easy Maintenance

Integrated maintenance programs and clear key symbols make the OptiFresh user-friendly and easy to maintain. The messages in the text display clearly guide the user through the required procedures. The machine will be ready to be used again in a second. The OptiFresh also indicates when the drip tray or litter bin is full and has an automatic cleaning program and descale indicator.

The maintenance keys are visible at the other side of the door and offer a wide range of settings. New recipes and settings can be implemented by using an SD card and can be copied to other machines. The operator himself can adjust standard settings, such as the strength of the coffee. Every machine has a consumption registration and a time switch to ensure that the machine switches to a low-energy mode outside office hours.

More information?

If you would like to get more information on the Animo OptiFresh for your office or hospitality business and would like to request a non-binding consult, please contact us via the contact form or call our office: +31(0)543-512-416. If you are a hospitality business owner you can even get a free test trial for a full week.

Animo Optifresh


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