The OptiBean coffee machine from Animo is a high class coffee machine with excellent flavor

Animo Optibean Coffee Machine

Animo’s Optibean machine is a high quality machine with excellent taste. It is exquisite in its design  and high grade technique. Animo has reinvented the Bean-to-Cup process. The result: the OptiBean. A machine with taste. Distinctive design, reliable technology. For the best coffee you could wish to serve.

Every cup is freshly made and topped with a delicious crema. The basis for many kinds of coffee. Simple to use, easy to maintain. Made from stainless steel, therefore sustainable.

The OptiBean from Animo: the new standard in Bean-to-Cup.

Those who work with the OptiBean will feel like true baristas. Animo’s newest machine represents the ultimate in coffee enjoyment. The coffee beans are ground while you wait. The espresso system makes coffee of any desired strength. The result is a delicious, freshly made coffee for real coffee lovers.

The OptiBean represents the optimum in terms of simplicity and user-friendliness. A wide range of coffee specialities is served at the click of a button: espresso, cappuccino, caffè latte, latte macchiato. The OptiBean serves various instant products, such as hot milk and hot chocolate, just as easily. And the machine is very easy to clean.

Animo Opti Series

Animo OptiBean: The pinnacle of coffee purity

The OptiBean is made from high quality materials. The grinder is Swiss made, the espresso system Italian, of course. The state-of-the-art rotary vane pump produces a perfect layer of creme. Together, they guarantee coffee tailored to your taste. The OptiBean underwent rigorous testing. Ready for intensive use.

Animo represents the ultimate in coffee purity. In essence, this can be defined with just one word: user-friendliness. You will soon notice that our machines are fast, simple and  convenient. Regardless of how much coffee you want to serve, or the time or place, Animo guarantees the perfect cup. You also benefit from our vast experience, expertise, reliability and focus on service.

Animo Optibean: the options we offer

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Animo Optibean


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