Hesselink Koffie is a modern family business with a colorful history

Coffee Roastery Hesselink

Hesselink Koffie is the only large family owned coffee roastery in the Netherlands. For over four generations we can address ourselves as a high quality coffee supplier. We also take pride in being a Royal Warrant Holder .

Historie Hesselink Koffie Locatie


Since 1885 Hesselink Koffie has been in the coffee industry. Back in 1885 J.W. Hesselink had founded his shop in colonial trade products, such as coffee and tea. In 1922 both of his sons joined the business. Ever since that time to company has been names J.W. Hesselink & Zn. (Sons).

Back in 1930 Hesselink started to focus its product range to coffee and made its first sales in grinded and packaged coffee. After WO II smaller grocer’s had to make way for supermarkets. Hesselink Koffie adjusted the this evolution by targeting hospitality businesses as a new client group. This is how the business evolved and ultimately survived the rise of the supermarkets.


Today the fourth generation is at the head of Hesselink Koffie. 130 years after his grandfather founded his store, current CEO Gerrit Hesselink runs two offices in The Netherlands. The headquarters of Hesselink Koffie is based in Winterwijk and in 2008 an additional office was opened in Amsterdam: Hesselink Koffie West.

The headquarters located on the Rondweg Zuid in Winterswijk has its own remarkable Coffee Coaching Centre, which is initiated to provide clients and other relations with a more detailed information on the origins of the coffee. But above all, the Coffee Coaching Center is the perfect location to taste the coffee which Hesselink Koffie produces. Also the coffee machines which Hesselink Koffie sales can be tested at this location.

Hesselink Koffie is devoted to special attention. Our staff radiates this in their enthusiasm and customer care. With thorough knowledge and a deep passion for our product, our staff is at your service at all times. Hesselink Koffie operates on national level, but with a regional and personal focus.

Hesselink Koffie is a member and one of the primary sponsors of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). The mission of this association is to promote specialty coffee in The Netherlands, by the organization of competitions and social events.

Historie Hesselink Koffie Innovatie


Hesselink Koffie qualifies itself by a visionary approach, based on a rich history. Based on past achievements, we strive for new innovations in the future. We aim high for ourselves: in addition to building on brand awareness and growth in the hospitality industry, Hesselink Koffie is now focusing on entering more and more corporate businesses as well. Gerrit Hesselink want to anticipate to the growth in the popular demand for quality coffee.

In order to facilitate the internal growth of Hesselink Koffie in the nearby future, we focus on research and development in sustainability, in terms of our buying and production processes. Our goal for 2015 is to primarily buy 100% certified coffee from the 4C Association, Rainforest Alliance and Max Havelaar Fairtrade brands. Hesselink Koffie is aiming to be granted with an ISO14001 certificate. In order to meet all ISO14001 qualifications Hesselink Koffie is currently working on building an brewing installation which can provide for its own power sources.

Try Hesselink Koffie yourself?

If you would like to experience firsthand what difference Hesselink Koffie could make to your guests, why don’t you try it for yourself first? We offer business owners the possibility to order a free kilo of Hesselink Koffie. We believe there is no better way to judge the unique experience we can offer your guests other than to try it yourself. Are you a professional who would like to order a free kilo of Hesselink Koffie?

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