Kaffee für Gastronomische Betriebe

Hesselink Koffie ist Experte im brauen von hochwertigem Kaffee für gastronomische Betriebe

Coffee for hospitality businesses

Hotels, restaurants and cafés; they function as an extension of our houses, sometimes far away from home. Coffee makes you feel right at home. As a hospitality entrepreneur you want to provide your guests with the comfort and luxury that they are used to.

Whether it is at your café or restaurant, where you would like to create a cozy environment where your guest can meet with friends and family. Or at your hotel, where u want your guests to experience the intimate warmth of the bedroom back home, where they come to rest. Hesselink Koffie offers broth scale of moods, which will make your guests feel at home as soon as they walk in the door.

Hesselink Koffie: experts in coffee for hospitality businesses

Hesselink Koffie is an expert in brewing high quality coffee for hospitality businesses. With our own unique melanges we help your hospitality business to distinct itself from your competitors. With Hesselink Koffie we complete your unique signature, by enhancing your unique character.

To be of service in the most optimal form, Hesselink Koffie has developed a number of total concepts, which we can adjust to your specific business and guests. Meaning that we will analyse your business and provide you with everything you need in order to create a perfect coffee experience for your guests. In addition to our machines, Hesselink Koffie also offers technical support, training for your staff and a broad variety of service products (such as cups and saucers and cookies). With our total concepts we create the perfect environment in which you can serve your guests a moment of happiness, which will make an big difference in their day.

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